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Features of Magento

E-commerce platforms have several options that are customizable across platforms and can be adapted to specific user needs. Magento is such a platform that operates from a web template system. The idea of this system is to generate several pages that resemble each other in looks, and have similar functionality.

Every page is however specified to work in a particular manner, and can be customized by using Magento themes. The basic themes are developed using regular web development software. This includes PHP, HTML and CSS. The main benefit of using this platform is that it is very flexible and adaptable, based on the various website functionalities. Simple use of plugins can be used to extend the functionality to various levels. This can allow the user to make further enhancements to a basic design and make it practical and attractive.

The Themes and various plugins

Although the themes can be varied across pages, no content is lost, and the layout remains the same. As a result, when changing themes, you can still use the same content that you have added using the Magento CMS system. Magento extensions allow further enhancements of the basic structure. As it works with a Web template system, most of the pages look and feel similar. This ensures a seamless user experience across various pages.

Several payment gateways can be added to Magento using the additional features attached to this program. Excellent round-the-clock support ensures that the user has no trouble setting up or using the platform, of course support is only reserved for enterprise users. Community users can use the Magento forum for information, and find a lot of answers on stack overflow. Since it is open source technology, it is flexible and allows for further enhancements without much difficulty. New rules and options can be added with simplicity and the functionalities of the system can be adapted to the growing business needs. Magento is cost-effective and good value for the money that goes into customizing it. It is easily a wise investment option that grows and serves the user well over time.


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