Magento Contact Form Extension

Today we will feature a great Magento extension enabling you to create an unlimited amount of contact froms for your Magento shop.

The Magento Contact Form extension by Plugin Company is a perfect example of an extension which just works, is nicely priced and has tons of features. After having purchased this extension you won’t need to buy another Magento fontact form extension this century ;-)

This excellent extension features 12 great Bootstrap themes so you can spice up the contact forms in your Magento shop just the way you like it. Besides that creating contact forms is really easy because the extension comes with a handy drag and drop form builder.

Contact Form magento

I’d definitely recommend to check out this extension if you’re looking to add a contact form or multiple contact forms to your Magento webshop.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: The extension also comes with a notification system supporting variables, which in turn allows you to create custom notification for both the admin as the user when a form is submitted!

Check the extension out here: Custom Contact Forms on Magento Connect, or visit the website: Magento Contact Form extension.